Financial aid and tax incentives for audiovisual

Incentives in Spain

In Spain, the tax incentives for international productions are included in Article 36.2 Law on Corporation Tax. Rebates for investments in film and series audiovisual productions, live performances and musical shows.

Valid for: feature films, tv series, animation or documentaries

Incentive30% for the first million, 25% for the rest of investment in Spain

At least 1 million € for the expenses incurred in Spanish territory

Maximum deduction may not exceed 20 million €. In the case of audiovisual series. the deduction will be determined per episode and the limit will be 10 million euros per episode.

Requirements: the deduction shall be applied by Producers registered in the Administrative Registry of Film Companies of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts who are in charge of the executive production of the foreign production of feature films or audiovisual works on July after the shooting.

Valènciana Community Grants

On a regional level, the Valencian Community offers two types of film aid (applicable to feature films, short films, animation, fiction or digital platforms), if production is taking place in the region:

- co-production with a local production company: all the bases can be found at 

- productions with a minimum budget of 4 million, with an investment of 2 million in the Valencian Community, returns of 25% up to a maximum of 1.5 million. All information here

València city Grants

In the City of Valencia, the City Council exempts producers from fees for occupying public spaces if their films highlight the cultural heritage of the city and use local staff. Also, shooting on the beaches is for free.

In addition, at Visit València we have numerous partners from the local tourism sector such as hotels, apartments, restaurants, catering companies, car rental companies, through which we can obtain better rates for filming equipment.