Frequently asked questions about Valencia filming

What are the deadlines for requesting permits for filming in public?

Under the current bylaw the request should be presented 30 days in advance. This is currently under review and a revised bylaw will be approved shortly. See the regulatory bylaws governing filming in the public domain here (page 89).

How much does it cost to film in public?

Filming of a promotional or commercial nature with a profit motive and with prior municipal authorisation costs €2.33 per square metre for each week or fraction thereof. This fee will be applied to the calculation of the total surface area occupied during filming, including vehicles, decoration, filming materials etc. Not subject to this fee are: the broadcasts of public celebrations and sporting events that take place in public areas and other assets of public use. The filming of short films made by students of film schools or academies and, in general, those that are for training purposes, always provided that these circumstances are endorsed by the competent body. The filming of documentary films or television programmes with a solely informative or charitable purpose.

When filming does not take place in public areas and occupation of said area is limited to the installation of auxiliary elements, such as vehicles, mobile units etc. to facilitate filming which takes place inside buildings, the applicable fee will be reduced by 50%.

The fees for filming features, videos and televisual recordings of a promotional or commercial nature with a profit motive and with prior municipal authorisation, will receive a 100% discount when this involves filming in which one or more of the following applies: that a significant part of the film occurs in the city of Valencia, and as a result the city receives a positive external promotion of its cultural, patrimonial, ethnological or tourist value, or, that the film crew stays or resides primarily in the city of Valencia. The determining factor will be the volume of additional business brought to the city as a result of the filming.

Consult the tax bylaw here.

How much does it cost to hire public spaces for filming?

This depends on the space and the time required for filming there. Contact us and we can provide guidance.

Who puts up the signs in public to reserve the spaces?

The plates must be placed by the person requesting the space reservation, that is, the producer or whoever represents it. Once authorized by the Valencia City Council, it must be signaled 48-72 hours in advance and one week in the case of an orange zone. Once the process has begun, you must go to the corresponding Local Police District Unit, depending on the area of the city. There, the agents will deliver the document to be placed on the signaling plates. See below where the seven District Units are located:

Policía Local. Unidad de Distrito 1: Ciudad Vieja

Policía Local. Unidad de Distrito 2: Ruzafa

Policía Local. Unidad de Distrito 3: Jesús/Patraix

Policía Local. Unidad de Distrito 4: Abastos

Policía Local. Unidad de Distrito 5: Tránsitos

Policía Local. Unidad de Distrito 6Exposición

Policía Local. Unidad de Distrito 7: Poblados Marítimos/Francia

What do I have to do if filming is cancelled or suspended and I already have the permits?

The Occupation Service (Servicio de Ocupación) should be informed that filming could not take place and that it will be moved to another day. The Service will inform you if you need to submit an appendix or not, according to the availability of the space requested. If rain is forecast, it is advisable to propose two possible dates in the initial request.

What are the rules for bringing trailers into the city?

According to the ROAD TRAFFIC BYLAW – (page 13) of Valencia City Council, lorries with a maximum authorised mass in excess of 9 tonnes are not permitted to circulate between 07:00 and 22:00. Therefore, permission will have to be requested from Valencia City Council when it is necessary to enter the city to unload material for filming, always provided that this cannot be distributed between lorries with a lower maximum mass. Further information available here.

Can we provide a catering service in the public highway during filming?

Yes, with the proper authorisation and provided a marquee is erected. However, one of the requirements for not paying fees for filming in the public domain is that the film crew utilises, as far as possible, the city's bars and restaurants.

Can we film using drones in Valencia?

It is possible to make the request, the minimum term is 10 business days although at least 20 are recommended. The authorized drone operator must register with ENAIRE Planea, where they have consultation tools to know who to direct their request to, and a form online in the event that it must be coordinated with the Air Space Operational Coordination Department ( They also have ENAIRE Drones at their disposal for consultations without the need for registration.

What are the fees for filming on Valencia's beaches?

There is no charge for filming on Valencia's beaches. Depending on the logistics that will be deployed a deposit would be required, which will be returned provided that the location is left in the same condition as it was found. Permission must be requested from the Coastal Management Department (Demarcación de Costas) if the crew is in excess of ten people and is going to occupy part of the beach.


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