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Valencian Association of Audiovisual Production Companies and Independent Producers

AVANT is made up of a group of workers and creators dedicated to audiovisual production residing in the Valencian Community, who have been associated with the need to share, research and create methodologies, projects and products that manage to position the audiovisual sector in a prominent place within of cultural industries. A position that allows the consolidation of an industry considered strategic, capable of generating talent, productive fabric and employment in the Valencian Community.

Producers are the essential elements that combine all the energies of the audiovisual process to create a work with its own identity and public projection. For this reason, producers must know from the trench each one of the aspects and needs of the different departments and all those actions that must take place for the realization, sale and distribution of a project.

AVANT wants to influence how to produce, in the creation of public policies at the service of society, in the dignity of the different trades of our industry, in the creation and consolidation of a cultural industry, and achieve with its films, documentaries, programs and series the recognition and identification of our fellow citizens.

Audiovisual content and productions are one of the most powerful tools for the creation of thought, education and enjoyment, and must become an indispensable instrument for the creation of a new society in which commitment to people is the main occupation.